Snoring or ronchopathy, how does it work?

In France, 1 in 5 adults snore, mainly men, to the delight of their companions ... It's true that it makes noise and sometimes even a lot of noise.

Can we stop snoring?
Are there risks?
Is sleep apnea related to snoring?
Snoring how does it work?

► Answers from Martine Perez (interview on Europe 1 radio)

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Martine Perez
Medical doctor,
Editor-in-chief at Le Figaro newspaper in charge of medicine,
Chronic writer at Pharmaradio

General about snoring

First of all, a short note to the companions of the snorers: do not blame them. Snorers do not intentionally snore and if they could, they would immediately stop snoring and annoy you during your nights sleep.

Snoring is very common. According to statistics: 30 to 40% of men over 50 are snoring, a number of women and more and more women because they adopt male behaviors, such as drinking alcohol and smoking. are factors that promote snoring.

In the majority of cases, snoring has no impact on health except that snoring, 10% of snorers is associated with sleep apnea and when there is sleep apnea must be treated that.

Snoring not only is not a health problem but does not disturb the snorer. On the other hand, it can cause sleep disorders in the spouse ...

An average hum is 45 decibels, ie the level of our voice and a loud or powerful hum is 95 decibels is the equivalent of a truck that starts. It's a lot of noise.

With age, everything goes up: the number of snoring, the number of decibels of snoring and the number of snorers.

I snore and i'm not sexy


Snoring explanation

Partial blockage of the upper airways

What is snoring?

When we sleep, the whole body relaxes, the muscles relax and the muscles in the back of the throat. At the back of the throat is the uvula, the soft palate and the tongue. Well as his body relaxes, all organs in the back of the throat relax causing an obstruction to the passage of air and when the air passes through the soft palate and the uvula, it vibrates these organs.
It's like a musical instrument except that it's not very musical ...

This passage of the air creates a whistling sound and causes a noise, both related to the obstruction of the organs that are at the bottom of the throat (the soft palate, the uvula and tongue that relax completely).

Are there any factors that promote snoring?

Several factors promote snoring.

• Obesity
When you are overweight, you get fat everywhere! The tongue thickens, the soft palate thickens, the uvula thickens and it is for these reasons that obesity is a risk factor.

• Sleeping on your back. 

• Tobacco
It causes inflammation of the airways.

• Alcohol
Consuming alcohol before sleeping results in an even greater relaxation of the muscles, all organs collapse and this promotes snoring.

• Medication
Sleeping pills, tranquilizers or antihistamines are a risk factor.

• Nasal obstruction
If you have a cold or sinusitis, you may have snoring when you are cured.

Children are not spared and can snore. The cause is often due to large tonsils.

There are contributing factors but there is a very strong male context in snoring.

Obesity anti snoring


Tobacco anti snoring


Medication anti snoring


Sleeping on your back anti snor

Sleeping on your back

Drink alcohol anti snoring


Having a cold or sinusitis anti snoring

Nasal obstruction

How does snoring work

Does snoring disturb sleep?

In general, sleep is not disturbed and the snorer sleeps rather well, he does not wake up a priori unless he is suffering from the problem of sleep apnea.
95% of snorers do not have sleep apnea but almost 100% of people with sleep apnea are snorers. It is often the big snorers who have sleep apnea.

What is sleep apnea?

It is the same phenomenon but pushed up in these extremities: the body relaxes, the tongue relaxes, there is an absolutely total obstruction. Sleep apnea is when you sleep and suddenly you can not breathe for at least 10 - 30 seconds, but it can take longer. You do not breathe at all, you choke and so you wake up and sleep very badly.

We talk about sleep apnea when this phenomenon of respiratory pauses lasts between 10 and 30 seconds sometimes more and especially when it is repeated at least five times per hour.


Sleep apnea explanation

Soft tissues block the passage of air

How do I know if I have sleep apnea

How do I know if I have sleep apnea?

What the patient feels is fatigue in the day, increased risks of car accidents and also cardiovascular risks, increased heart attacks, strokes due to asphyxiation, since you do not breathe more often during your stay. sleep there is a risk of cardiac complication.

Your spouse may tell you that you stopped breathing, or you do what are called sleep recordings in specialized centers.
Either you have headaches, sleep disorders, you are exhausted in the day, you have cardiovascular disorders, you have a number of factors that will allow your doctor to guess and diagnose that you have sleep apnea. 

Sleep apnea is a consequence of snoring, you do not breathe and suddenly you choke and at that time you have a microphone that allows you to breathe again and take your breath.

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