The 100% natural, comfortable and effective solution that helps you sleep better and reduce or even stop your snoring!

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Thanks to the Goodnuit ring, tested by hundreds of people, some people with sleep apnea will see a clear improvement. All you need to do is put the ring 15 minutes before going to bed and keep it all night.The pressure of the magnetic balls on the acupuncture points located at the base of the little finger will reduce or stop significantly your snoring. Be sure to wear the ring as tight as possible by removing magnetic links. You will feel a strong pressure on the finger which will accentuate the effect.

Method 1

Bague Goodnuit - Le ronflement explication

Method 2

Bague Goodnuit - L'apnée du sommeil explication

In acupuncture or acupressure, if you press next to the point, there will be no effect and it is quite logical. This method is very precise and very effective. It is based on traditional Chinese medicine (more than 5000 years of existence). Be sure to position the ring and feel that it closes your finger. It may take a few nights to find the ideal location for the marbles on her finger, where the effect will be greatest on sleep and snoring.

Depending on people, Yin and Yang are reversed. This is why we advise you to wear the ring at least seven days in a row to the little finger of the left hand and if you do not get a result, try the other hand.

You have to try and be patient. Then you will know exactly where to place the ring so that it will act properly on you.

Tip to adjust the ring

1 • Remove the number of cylinders needed so that the ring closes the finger when brought to the little finger.

2 • The ring is tightening but maybe not enough. Ring worn on the finger, remove an extra cylinder and try to close the empty space by joining the cylinders between them and releasing the skin that interferes.

3 • You have managed to join the cylinders, your ring is then adjusted and the pressure is optimal. If you do not feel a strong ring pressure, repeat step 2.

Method 1

Bague Goodnuit - Le ronflement explication

Method 2

Bague Goodnuit - L'apnée du sommeil explication
Bague Goodnuit - Yin Yang Médicine chinoise

Additional information

It is not advisable to wear the ring more than 12 hours in a row, in order to preserve the effects of acupressure, however, it can be worn during daytime relaxation or nap provided to respect a period of 5 to 6 hours between each use.

Contraindications are for people wearing a pacemaker or having heart problems and pregnant women. We are not responsible for any misplacement on an acupuncture point.

Magnets can never substitute for a medicine.

Do not swallow, keep out of reach of children.

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