Test and review of anti-snoring devices, products and drugs

Woman the old man is snoring
Justine & Alex

- rRRR
- Hey Alex…
- Hey Alex !!!
- What… ?? What's the matter ?
- Stop snoring, I can not sleep.
- I'm not snoring.
- Yes you are, I can't sleep !
- Whatever…

Anti-snoring drugs?

Ah snoring ... it can rot your life and the lives of others, so Justine wanted to know if there are really effective methods to stop snoring and she began by going around pharmacies to find out what was offered to her and she left with:
a throat spray,
nasal strips,
lozenges to suck,
and a nasal spray.

Anti-snoring products are medical devices, not drugs, that's why they are freely available.
Depending on the products, it is necessary to count on an anti-snoring budget between 200 and 300 euros per year!

So to know a little more about their effectiveness she sought the advice of a doctor specialized in snoring.

Drugs against snoring

Medical devices bought for our test

Snoring specialist

Yves-Victor Kamami

Otorhinolaryngologist, Paris, France

What works, what does not work?

Opinion of the specialist

Lozenges to suck

So the pellets, I do not see why it would work, I do not see much interest.

anti snoring Lozenges

Lozenges to suck

Nasal strips

There, it's called the nostril retractors. This is the same principle as people who have broken nose problems, especially boxers or rugby players.

That's just to spread a little nostrils.
Well it can improve a little bit the passage of the air in the nose ...

anti snoring Nasal strips

Nasal strips

Mouth spray and nasal spray

The sprays to put in the throat or in the nose are supposed to thin the passage.
In a smoker for example, the mucous membranes will be inflated because of the reaction with the smoke.
Here the principle is a little as if we oiled the mechanisms so that there is a little less vibration.

It will work maybe a half hour at the beginning of sleep but it will stop after half an hour since the product will be evacuated and the person will begin to snore. It will be temporary, a few improvements but temporary.

 anti snoring Mouth spray and nasal spray

Mouth spray and nasal spray

Anti snoring devices reviews and test

We have tested anti-snoring devices and products

Not very economical or very effective ... It is not with these products that we will find peaceful nights.
Justine has looked for other solutions and on the internet she has found several, all supposed to get rid of these unbearable snoring.
So she ordered five accessories that she did test to snorers around her.

Of course we carefully selected these testers. They've had a test before, we've recorded them all night to make sure they're snoring, and tonight our five snorers will test the effectiveness of these anti-snoring methods.

An electronic bracelet

Chloe was entitled to the bracelet supposed to detect the snoring and stimulate the nerves to make him change position.

anti snoring electronic bracelet

Electronic Bracelet

anti snoring electronic bracelet

Bracelet in position

An acupuncture ring

David will spend the night with a ring that makes two acupressure points supposed to prevent snoring.

anti snoring acupuncture ring

Acupuncture ring

anti snoring acupuncture ring

Ring in position

A nasal retractor

Chris has agreed to sleep with a nasal retractor that promises to reduce snoring.

anti snoring nasal retractor

Nasal retractor

anti snoring nasal retractor

Nasal retractor in position

A face belt

Romain will sleep all night with a belt around his face.

anti snoring face belt

Face belt

anti snoring face belt

Face belt in position

A dental orthosis

JB inherited the gutter. He must first make his fingerprints to be adapted to his teeth.

anti snoring Dental orthosis

Dental orthosis

anti snoring Dental orthosis

Dental orthosis in position

What are the results of snoring after one night of sleep?

(Remember to turn on the sound)

Bague anti ronflement Goodnuit - Le ronflement comment ca marche


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The anti-snoring bracelet on Chloe did not work.

For Romain with the face belt and Chris the nasal retractor, snoring is a little less strong but still there.

JB did not support the orthosis and did not manage to sleep with it.

On the other hand thanks to the anti-snoring ring, David snored much less!

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