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Anti-snoring ring : the effective SOLUTION against snoring and sleep apnea

Decreases or stops snoring

Reduces or stops sleep apnea

Improves the quality of sleep

More energy in the day

A little introduction

Being a snorer myself and having sleep apnea, I use the Goodnuit anti-snoring ring that I developed after a lot of research on acupuncture.

The ring is internationally-protected and I am very happy to help thousands of people who want to end their snoring.

Unlike laser surgery (costs between $800 and $1,000) which is not effective in the long term or the mandibular orthosis (about $70 for a thermoformable and $700 for a tailor-made) very annoying and difficult to keep every night in the mouth - not to mention its "mood-killer" side... I had to propose an effective solution, easy to use, not at all binding and at a very affordable price. that this is not a drag on some of us.

This ring uses the technique of acupressure which has been proven to work.
That's why it is SATISFIED or REFUNDED.

So if you're looking for a solution against snoring, like the thousands of people who already use it, you're in the right place.

Discover the ring and have a better night's sleep :)

Bague anti ronflement Goodnuit - Satisfait ou remboursé

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Bague anti ronflement Goodnuit - Satisfait ou remboursé
Bague anti ronflement Goodnuit - Satisfait ou remboursé

Customer reviews


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Proof that it works!

Skeptical when I ordered 2 rings. I downloaded a program to analyze my snoring on my smartphone. One ring I offered to one of my friends and the second one for me. The results are surprising. 100% success. As far as I am concerned, the snoring has been very much reduced in their strength. My analyst confirms CALM at 91%, LIGHT at 7%, with an average of 8% snoring. Me who suffered from sleep apnea I am very very satisfied with your ring. Congratulations and thank you for this ring. I am constantly looking for natural products to heal, avoid drugs and I would not hesitate to recommend your ring.
Ring test
Bague anti ronflement Goodnuit - Test et résultats
These results demonstrate the real impact of the ring on sleep.
It is clear that the ring has allowed this person to stop snoring at 94%!
© The Goodnuit ring is a model registered and internationally-protected
Audio recordings of the nights

Complete recording of the night of sleep WITHOUT the ring.
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Complete recording of the night of sleep WITH the ring.
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Video of the ring
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Advantages of the antisnore ring

• Very effective
83% satisfied.  

• 100% natural
Solution resulting from acupressure (technique of Chinese medicine). 

• Economical
A unique and durable purchase (unlike sprays or tablets). 

• Easy to use
Wear the ring every night on the little finger of your left hand for maximum efficiency.

• Adjustable
Remove or add cylinders to adjust the finger is very easy.

• Unique size
Whether you have thin fingers or stronger, the ring fits all types of fingers.  

• Mixed
Perfect for both men and women with snoring or sleep apnea problems.

Coming soon in pharmacy.

Natural solution
Size for all
Bague anti ronflement Goodnuit - Doigt auriculaire

How does the anti-snoring ring Goodnuit work ?

With two acupressure points on the little finger, the Goodnuit ring helps reduce snoring while providing a quieter and more restorative sleep. The Goodnuit anti-snoring ring uses the technique of acupressure on two specific points of the little finger. This technological advance is synonymous with a double efficiency both on the suppression or the significant reduction of snoring but also in the taking into account of your biorhythms.
The Goodnuit anti-snoring ring has two acu-activators located at 3 and 9 o'clock at the SI2 & HT9 points.

Position the Goodnuit ring so that one ball is positioned inside the little finger and the other ball is on the outside of the same finger.
You will feel points of support (technique of accupression).

The Qiangu point is located on the outer edge of the little finger: the pressure on this point results in a release of the upper airways (nose, throat, sinus ...) with corollaries, the arrest or significant reduction of snoring during the sleep and more generally, better tissue oxygenation.

The Shao Chong point is located on the inner edge of the little finger. It is widely accepted that applying pressure on this point gives a beneficial effect during sleep, a benefit that follows the regulation of natural biological rhythms. As a result, the sleep phases are normalized, the effects of stress reduced and sleep becomes more restorative.

Bague anti ronflement Goodnuit - Action de la bague anti ronflement sur le sommeil

Yin and Yang:
Fundamental principle of Chinese medicine

Although in our western countries Chinese medicine is not as developed as general medicine, it has existed for thousands of years, and has proven its effectiveness and its benefits to millions of people on the planet.

In China, acupuncture, a traditional Chinese medicine practice, is used to stimulate the energies of our body. This medicine consists of using precise acupuncture points. Acupressure is the pressure stimulation of body points located on the meridians that are connected to vital organs. This technique uses the same points as acupuncture but without a needle.

Science has only recently proven the existence of meridians, although it has been over 2,000 years since they were discovered by other cultures. 

The Goodnuit anti-snoring ring has been developed to use precise acupressure points.

Bague anti ronflement Goodnuit - Yin Yang Médicine chinoise acupression
Bague anti ronflement Goodnuit - Doigt auriculaire

The natural solution against snoring on your pinky finger!

The Goodnuit ring is the only ring in the world of one size to use both acupressure points simultaneously for optimum results. By wearing it, you'll enjoy quieter, more restful nights and wake up in better shape to start a new day. For maximum efficiency, wear the ring 15 minutes before going to bed.

It is not advisable to wear the ring more than 12 hours in a row, in order to preserve the effects of acupressure, however, it can be worn during daytime relaxation or nap provided to respect a period of 5 to 6 hours between each use. This ring is not suitable for children, pregnant women and people with a pacemaker, having heart problems or prone to epilepsy. Keep out of reach of children.

Bague anti ronflement Goodnuit - Paiement sécurisé

Client's reviews


Some testimonials from customers who use the anti-snoring ring.
(Reviews automatically translated from other languages)
Excellent product

Hello, I bought the ring to try everything to stop my snoring. Incredible, it has disappeared 99%, I am very happy, I never thought such a result. Mr OLIVER
jean claude

I am Serge's friend who offered me this ring. I am a magnetizer, a healer and therefore aware of all these natural sciences to heal naturally. I know as a magnetizer compression points but the results are largely up to the task. Low price, immediate results. Feel free to download a program to evaluate your sleep quality on your smartphone which will allow you to evaluate your night with and without the ring. Jean Claude
Proof that it works!

Skeptical when I ordered 2 rings. I downloaded a program to analyze my snoring on my smartphone. One ring I offered to one of my friends and the second one for me. The results are surprising. 100% success. As far as I am concerned, the snoring has been very much reduced in their strength. My analyst confirms CALM at 91%, LIGHT at 7%, with an average of 8% snoring. Me who suffered from sleep apnea I am very very satisfied with your ring. Congratulations and thank you for this ring. I am constantly looking for natural products to heal, avoid drugs and I would not hesitate to recommend your ring.

Ordered more to see because I believed ... received very quickly and immediately tested with a control by recording on my Android phone with the app "SnoreClock" .. I immediately noticed a VERY sensitive reduction of my snoring !! ... intensity divided by 3 or 4 ... and more spaced. Moreover the principle of small magnets is great for easily having the right diameter. And above all, putting it to the little finger (RIGHT .. more effective than the left, for a man) is super easy and practical; because I later bought another ring more classic in steel (I wanted to test with a ring on each hand .. well, nothing better) and there, hard to pass the bone node before reaching his point of impact! .. obliged to put soap, morning and evening ...
Satisfied overall

I bought this ring based on the good comments about it. Here are my own observations: +: my snoring score has dropped in intensity (by more than half) and the noisy episodes are much more distant. +: I felt a better breathing comfort from the first night -: However, I never really stopped "purring". I just swapped my diesel rustling for a petrol engine.
It works!

Honestly, I was skeptical about the effectiveness of this ring. I was advised and ordered for my husband. And I am very surprised that it works. While the snoring did not stop but the intensity of the noise has decreased by at least 80%. The nights are quieter! Very easy to put on and fits all sizes with these little magnets. Very happy of my purchase

Seems to work
Works really!

Ring bought for myself but especially for my husband who sometimes woke me up with his snoring .... and from the first night the snoring decreased significantly (90% dixit my husband ....)  I find the quality of sleep a little better but it is especially in relation to snoring that we notice the difference. We wear the ring by positioning the magnetic ball (the one located next to the annular) diagonally to the palm of your hand. Between the middle of the finger and the side. I recommend.
Hard to understand and believe, but a real and remarkable result ...

As far as I'm concerned, and that's only my opinion. After testing another model of a standard steel ring found on the internet which was an absolute inefficiency, I decided on the advice of a friend, already user, to test this model. It is easily adjusted by playing on the number of magnets, easy to be placed as indicated ..... And from the "first" night 60% less snoring, and better breathing ....... What to say more .... let's see with time. Placebo effect, or real ..... (It's not me who has noticed, but my wife)
nice improvement

I have a lot less snoring and a better quality of sleep. So much less embarrassment for my spouse

This ring helped reduce my husband's snoring by about 80%. Of course he's still snoring a little bit if he's on the back, but no comparison with what I had to undergo before. Now, his snoring does not disturb my sleep. I highly recommend this ring that changed my nights.
Simple but effective ring

It fits easily to your finger with its magnetic elements. According to my wife, my sleep is normal and my snoring is transformed into a deep breath.
perfect ring

a little skeptical to buy, but after several nights, I can tell you that there is no more snoring, it's magic!!!
Total Success

Big thanks a lot snoring has disappeared up to 95%

My snoring is almost gone, this product is very effective I recommend it 100%
really works

According to my wife, I snore a lot less when I put this ring on the little left. So, the result seems present. Know that what is announced: "one size fits all" is related to the fact that the ring consists of mini magnets and 2 ball-shaped magnets that press on points of acupressure. The size is adjustable by removing / adding small magnets. Whether huge or mini fingers, the ring can be worn. What is practical is that it is placed around the finger and which closes with magnets ... practical ... it avoids to struggle to put it or remove it. It is not unpleasant to wear and does not leave the finger during the night (the magnets are small but strong). -it should not be worn all day long so that the points don't become insensitive -the effect may be immediate but in my case it took a week to really act. -I'll let you read more if you are interested. I am happy with my purchase and advise this product, the price is not excessive and the results can clearly be seen.

Very happy with my purchase. I offered it to a friend, he sleeps a lot better and his wife says he does not snore anymore! A miracle! Big plus: the ring is very practical because the size is adjustable. This is not the case for all the rings on the market.

I was dubious ... but it is clear that it works rather well. It seems that I snore less and especially I'm in better shape on waking. The ring is easy to adjust. No chemistry, easy to use, amazing.
Good product

My wife is delighted and our nights are peaceful thank you for this great and brilliant innovation :-) I think to offer one to my brother-in-law
Works great for me

My girlfriend having sent me yet another ultimatum before going to sleep in the living room, I had to promise to find a quick solution. A friend having already boasted this solution, I decided to get the ring. And the first night of testing is after an alcoholic party. In other words, the conditions to avoid snoring were not really there. Yet, miraculously, in the morning my girlfriend means that the device seems to work (or she was too drunk to hear me). So we reiterated the test the following night, sober this time. And when you wake up, it's confirmation. No snoring. I read on other reviews that it could only work partially but in my case, I am delighted with the result. I said that the ring is adjustable, I wear it rather tight to be sure that the compression points are effective.  
very good

I received the magnet ring very quickly. this device has a certain efficiency because the sound of snoring is less loud and more regular.

I use this ring for 4/5 days and it works very correctly according to my companion. I highly recommend this product

I was skeptical, but I wanted to test anyway. Every night I put it on and when I forget it and my darling asks me if I put my ring.
Satisfied with this ring

This ring has improved my breathing and my sleep; I wear it every night and find that I sleep better. I do not wake up any more during the night, for example.
Rather effective

Offered to my snoring husband, the ring is rather effective, it still happens sometimes to breathe a little hard but nothing to do with before it's great! The magnets are rather powerful so the ring holds very well in night run.

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